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Virtual showroom

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Virtual 360° panorama showroom


Kautex Textron GmbH & Co.KG 


Packaging solutions 

Access to the different areas in the virtual showroom

Packaging area in the virtual showroom

Entrance area of the virtual showroom

Virtual 360° Pano-Showroom

The virtual showroom of Kautex pursues several goals: On the one hand, the showroom serves to present new products and innovative technologies and, on the other hand, to introduce the company with its locations, history and focus on sustainability. At the same time, there should be opportunities for contact with visitors.


Lobby of the virtual showroom

First, the visitor enters the lobby of the virtual showroom. Here, he first meets a contact person who speaks to the visitor via green screen video positioned behind a counter. From the lobby, the visitor can get an overview of the other themed rooms. From here, they can also access the two additional areas of the lobby, which are intended to create awareness for the various divisions of the entire company.

Kautex Automotive:

Here, original CAD files from the customer were integrated into the virtual showroom and staged in an animated manner. 

Customized packaging

In this area, customer data of the original products was individually prepared and integrated into the showroom.

Highlight room within the showroom

Virtual showroom highlight rooms

If you look up from the lobby to the gallery, you will find the two focus rooms "Sustainability" and "Digitalization". The design within the rooms was individually adapted to the respective topic. The visitor starts in the middle of the room and can rotate 360° there. In doing so, he sees the different areas of the focus room, which are displayed on large posters on the wall. By clicking on the animated info points, the visitor receives more detailed information.

Challenges and special features

The greatest challenge lay in the graphic presentation of the innovative technologies. Likewise, the company's large product range had to be clearly presented. Here, special video animations were integrated into the show.



Kautex wanted to create a professional presence in the virtual world with the virtual showroom. The focus was on high-quality product presentations combined with business designs. The aim was to create an experience for the visitor by conveying information in an emotional way.


Personal thoughts about the project

The joint collaboration and development of the design and its implementation was a lot of fun. The work was characterized by enthusiasm and joy about the diverse and innovative possibilities of the virtual environment. In the course of the project, we were able to develop the concept from a very template-based approach to an individual design solution.

We were able to realize a virtual showroom with WWM, whose design was individually tailored to us and thus perfectly fits our needs. The team of WWM has supported us along the entire development with any change request and support needs within the shortest possible time and pointed out solutions that have now resulted in a very nice product. We appreciate the joint cooperation very much.
Sophia Steinberger


With more than 30 locations in 14 countries, Kautex is one of the 100 top-selling automotive suppliers worldwide. As a well-positioned partner, Kautex develops and produces blow-molded fuel systems, selective catalytic reduction systems, clear vision systems, camshafts for engines and industrial packaging solutions made of plastic for its customers.