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Our versatile Mini Games not only offer exciting entertainment, but also the unique opportunity to present products, services or company-specific information in a fun way. Whether it's a maze, moving blocks, tricky quizzes or action-packed jump-and-run games - we have something to suit every taste.

With customizable options such as design, difficulty level and game content, we can design the Mini Game entirely according to your ideas.

Corporate Mini Games are an effective strategy to increase brand engagement, promote brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty. Through entertaining games, companies can attract new customers, maintain interest in the brand and collect valuable data about customers. Games offer an interactive way to present and explain products or services in a fun way.

Areas of application for corporate mini games

Areas of application

Our Mini Games can be played on a variety of devices to reach a wide audience and engage them in different ways.

On smartphones and tablets, games specially optimized for mobile devices offer simple touchscreen control on the go.

Desktop computers and laptops allow customers to access the Mini Games via web browsers, which offer more sophisticated graphics and gameplay.

Interactive touch steles placed in physical stores, trade shows or at events offer a unique way to entertain customers on the spot.

By integrating Mini Games directly on your website, customers can easily play via their web browser without having to download or install additional software.

Potential game concepts

Mini Game - Labyrinth


Take control of your character and master the maze by skillfully avoiding obstacles.

The tension increases with each level as you try to collect all the points and master the challenges of the maze.

With our service, you can not only savor the classic gaming experience but also tailor the game to your preferences - whether it's the design, the challenges, or the pace.

Push blocks

You push obstacles aside to skillfully navigate the main object to its destination.

Whether you're a casual gamer or a game enthusiast, this concept appeals to a wide target group.

And the best part? We customize the objects, design and scope of the game to your liking. From different difficulty levels to a selection of objects that make the game dynamic.

Compete with other players via global or local high scores and make new friends!

Mini Game - Push blocks

Mini Game - Quiz


With our quiz, you can easily communicate product or company-specific information. The task is to answer as many questions as possible correctly as the player navigates through the game.

With different levels of difficulty and a variety of topics, there is something for every player.

In addition, we offer the option of lead generation through forms to better understand your needs and provide you with optimal support.

Jump and Run

In our jump and run game, you skillfully avoid various obstacles by jumping.

Indulge in the diversity of our game, whether by ramping up the speed, exploring various levels of difficulty, encountering different objects, or seizing the chance to claim your spot on the global or local high score boards.

Objects, design and scope of the game are customized according to your wishes to create a unique gaming experience.


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