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Transfernetzwerk and MehrWert Sozial!

Virtual showrooms for the Catholic University NRW


Virtual showrooms


Catholic University North Rhine-Westphalia GmbH



Entrance area to the Transfernetzwerk-showroom

Showroom MehrWert Sozial!

Showroom Transfernetzwerk

2 virtual worlds

The project includes two virtual worlds. The virtual showroom "Transfernetzwerk" is intended to present the Agency for Transfer and Social Innovation, the five pilot projects and the Innovation Labs of the Catholic University NRW. The "MehrWert Sozial!" virtual showroom presents the project and the eleven subject areas.

Virtual Showroom: Transfernetzwerk


The virtual showroom "Transfernetzwerk" is intended to be an open, inviting meeting place. Nature and plants are a central element of the design. The colors of the transfer network can be found consistently in all elements. While the agency presents itself directly in the starting area, the five pilot projects (SoWiLa, FIGEST, UBIF, Versorgungsbrücken and BeWEGt) each have their own space in buildings arranged in a circle.

The areas of the Innovation Labs with the locations of the Catholic University and the areas of Science Communication and Networking have open spaces on the lawn in front of the reception. This results in a tour around the planted courtyard for the visitor to discover the contents of the areas.

To the virtual showroom Transfernetzwerk

MehrWert Sozial!

The virtual showroom "MehrWert Sozial!" is intended to present the project and its 11 subject areas. In order to be able to integrate and exchange the content of the areas as independently as possible, a concept with individual rooms was developed. There is a large reception hall with general information and separate themed rooms with specific information and videos. In addition, there is a lecture room in which the recordings of the live event are integrated afterwards and are available on demand.

The aesthetics of the room architecture forms a combination of modern elements and traditional construction. Central basis in the design are also the themes of accessibility and diversity.

To the virtual showroom MehrWert Sozial!

Operation & Control

Both projects are virtual 360° panoramic worlds. The controls are very intuitive. If you are standing at one point, you can rotate 360° around your own axis and view everything. You can then jump to the next point by clicking on the moving arrows. The integrated info points can be opened by clicking on them. The icons and objects shown make it clear at first glance what content is hidden behind the info point. A navigation bar can be used to switch the background noises on and off, activate full-screen mode, display the floor plan of the show and the control aid.



A big challenge was to integrate the amount of content aesthetically into the booth and still make it tangible. As far as possible, all elements have a place in the environment and are not simply presented as an information point. So it's worth taking a close look and "feeling" the booth. There is much to discover!


Personal thoughts about the project

The exchange with the customer is very pleasant. Communication is always very swift, solution-oriented and goal-oriented. Decisions are made quickly and without complications. Working on the project has been a lot of fun for everyone involved and we are proud of the result.

The cooperation and advice from the WWM team was excellent. The conception of both showrooms was highly professional, straightforward and efficient. The feedback on our virtual booths is extremely positive. All in all, we are highly satisfied and can recommend WWM without reservation.
Tristan Steinberger
Catholic University North Rhine-Westphalia gGmbH - Agency for Transfer and Social Innovation


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